A Brief Tribute to Moses McCormick

This is a brief tribute to Moses McCormick, an amazing language enthusiast who unfortunately passed away recently due to heart complications.

He is someone I consider a legendary figure in the polyglot community. I remember the very first video I watched of his was when he was talking to Chinese fishermen in Mandarin and Cantonese. Now, my first language is Cantonese, although I lost most of it, and at that time I was learning Mandarin, which at this point I also lost, but it was especially inspiring to see him able to communicate in both those languages that I struggled to obtain. He inspired me to continue my language journey despite my failures.

His tragically early passing is a massive loss in the language learning community, but his influence will be felt for a very long time. He has definitely left his mark on me.

We don’t live forever, but we can decide what we’re doing while we’re here. Every minute counts. By learning and working on things that intrinsically motivate us, we unlock parts of the world we didn’t even know existed in the first place. We get to enrich our lives and share our experience with others in the hope that it improves their lives as well. That’s the only way we can fight back against the inevitiable void.

Rest in peace, Moses. You were gone too soon. A gofundme was setup by his family that you can donate to.