How Did You Do 20 Kanji a Day?

Memorizing 20 kanji a day, without actually learning vocab. This sounds painfully difficult, how did you manage to get through that?

Originally answered in August, but have updated my response since then

The most important part in language learning isn’t motivation, it’s grit, patience, and determination. You have to build a habit of just studying every day and trust that your language skills will improve with time. Motivation is fleeting. Believe in the process.

At first, 20 kanji a day seems difficult, but once you get into a habit of studying kanji (with the right method), it turns from something tedious into some routine thing like taking a shower. It still takes forever, though.

Sometimes it is frustrating if I’m having a bad day and can’t seem to remember anything, but you just have to power through it. I made 20 new flashcards a day a set goal for me, but you could just as well have scheduled breaks from new cards and such if you feel overwhelmed.