Text To Anki

This tool was made in July 2020 but I forgot to talk about it on here until now so whoops

During my 100-Day Deep Dive Challenge, I realized that with MorphMan’s automatic sorting algorithm, what was stopping me from importing an entire book’s content as flashcards and letting Morphman handle which flashcards to show me? It turns out, literally nothing. It’s just that a tool hasn’t been made for it yet… until now.

Using Foosoft’s AnkiConnect plugin, I wrote a web application that takes a piece of text, separate it into sentences, and then hook into Anki to automatically create and populate flashcards. Combine it with MorphMan’s vocabulary tokenizer and i+1 sorting algorithm it becames a potent flashcard creation tool.

Here’s the web app.

Now funnily enough, although I made this program, I actually haven’t used it aside from testing. The 100-Day Deep Dive Challenge used flashcards created by subs2srs, and my current challenge prevents me from using MorphMan. Combined with Anki and AnkiConnect having been updated, I’m not sure if it still works with the most recent versions of those two. For now, it has been tested to be working on Anki 2.1.26. Other details about it can be found on the web app’s ‘How To’ page.